This year we donate to CliniClowns!

We donate to CliniClowns

Charities. Fortunately they are there! We as Nijhuis & Wigger have decided to make a donation to charity this year. In our case we donate to CliniClowns.

Why CliniClowns?

Choosing a charity is difficult, because all charities are already a good initiative anyway. We have jointly decided to choose CliniClowns because a number of colleagues have had to deal (in)directly with the CliniClowns and because sick children or elderly people with dementia can forget their illness or worries for a while due to the presence of the clowns. In addition, we believe that the clowns' play has a positive effect on the well-being of children.

We are happy to contribute to this form of distraction and fun, but also to facilitate further research into the effects of the CliniClowns.

“A personal contact for a Christmas greeting or gift to our customers is currently not possible due to Corona, which is why we looked for an alternative. Donating to CliniClowns is a well-considered decision: sick children and elderly people with dementia need extra attention and real contact, especially in these times. The CliniClowns fulfill this in a beautiful way!”, says Frans Wigger, Managing Director.


CliniClowns wants to be there for all sick children, children with a disability and people with dementia. In the hospital, the nursing home, at school or online via the CliniClowns App. So that they don't spend the day scared or lonely, but can relax and blossom for a moment.

More information about CliniClowns can be found at: