Feder and Nut in the spotlight!

Collar and Groove in the spotlight

We see requests for Collar and Groove (Feder and Nut) flanges from various sectors. Since last year we have these 'collar' and 'groove' flanges in stock in the material grade P250GH and in various sizes.

Collar (Feder Form C)

Feder Form CThe Feder Form C EN1092-1 flanges (formerly Feder DIN2512-F) are available as welding neck flange type 11 (EN1092-1) and blind flange type 05 (among others) (EN1092-1) and vary in the sizes DN 15 to DN 250 in the pressure classes PN 16-40.



 Groove (Nut Form D)

Nut Form DThe Nut Form D EN1092-1 flanges (formerly Nut DIN2512-N) are available as welding neck flange type 11 (EN1092-1) and blind flange type 05 (among others) (EN1092-1) and vary in the sizes DN 15 to DN 200 in the pressure classes PN 16-40.



Of course, it is possible to supply these flanges in other materials, and / or in other types.