We have given our corporate identity a fresh, new look

Logo restyle 2021

In 2019 we created an 'anniversary corporate identity' for our 50th anniversary. We liked this so much that we decided to capture some of the items out of it in our regular corporate identity.

Hexagon logo in combination with design pattern

A restyling of our logo is the biggest change, which at the same time is small. The starting point was that we did not want to change too much of the current logo expressions. And it succeeded. In collaboration with the Dutch design agency .nlvk (Neerlandsvlak), the logo (logo, word mark and pay-off) has been redesigned. One of the items from the 'anniversary corporate identity' that we wanted to keep is the inclusion of the color gold. It was decided to include this in the design pattern and this immediately completes our new corporate identity.

The result

The old logo:


Under construction:

Restyle beeldmerk, woordmerk en pay-off

The new logo:

Implement new corporate identity

The current logo expressions only need minor adjustments and are relatively easy to implement. The purpose of the starting point has thus been successful. In the coming period, we will gradually implement our new corporate identity in our organization and on our marketing communications.