We are Nijhuis & Wigger (NWFF)

"A truly professional specialist in the supply of a full range of flanges, fittings, pipes and tubes."

NWFF’s strength!

A team that consists of versatile professionals. Each person being a perfect link in the strategic chain. Our team reflects our services and qualities: reliable, sincere and result-driven, with a passion for the ideal process strategy. A team that you can rely upon 100% since we simply do what we are good at. That is Nijhuis & Wigger’s strength.

Reliability is our vision!

BetrouwbaarheidReliability is in our genes: we constantly strive for the highest degree. This is shown in clear communications, personal but business-oriented attention and interest, pro-active thinking in solutions and alternatives, the best supply chain and a positive drive. A quick and adequate solution to your question always awaits you! That is Nijhuis & Wigger’s reliability.

NWFF represents connection!

Love is never one-sided only. NWFF ‘s success is also based on our wonderful group of loyal customers that operate in the (petro)chemical, oil and gas industry (on- and offshore), equipment construction industry and energy sector. We are also a strategic partner for specialists that concentrate on other industries such as the utilities and the shipbuilding sector. Loyal customers and business partners that believe in our vision and approach. Thanks to them, NWFF developed into a quality brand with a solid market position. That is the connection with Nijhuis & Wigger.