Let's meet...Christine Koop

Let's meet Christine Koop

The Nijhuis & Wigger team consists of 7 persons. Different persons with different qualities. We would like to introduce our employees to show you what activities they perform. Personal contact and short lines of communication are important within our company and that is why we give a glimpse into our organization.

In the first part of Let's meet... Christine Koop; Front desk receptionist and "oracle of certificates" :).

Department: Certificates / Reception / front desk
In the NWFF team since: 2007
Motto: "Wear something positive today, it always fits!"

Christine started at Nijhuis & Wigger 13 years ago, in 2007, and she is still in the right place.

The importance of certificates

Christine: "My tasks at Nijhuis & Wigger are, in addition to answering the phone and receiving guests, taking care of the material certificates."

Nijhuis & Wigger is a stockholder and supplier of steel flanges, fittings and pipes and certified according ISO 9001:2015 Lloyd's Register. All tube components in our stock warehouse are also supplied by ISO-certified manufacturers or suppliers. This means that all more than 5,000 products from our stock have a material certificate.

Checked by CK

A material certificate must comply with the guidelines of the EN10204 standard. Our certificates are checked for the standard specification, but also, if the customer has indicated this, for any additional requirements. After the physical materials have passed the entry check, the corresponding material certificates are checked by me and stored after approval. As soon as the shipment has been sent to the customer, it is my turn to send (per shipment) the material certificates digitally to the customer or to upload them in a certificate portal. This always includes an overview of the order concerned, showing the heat numbers delivered.


We usually supply a 3.1 certificate (with fittings there is always a raw material certificate), but if our customer wishes a 3.2 certificate with the material, it is certainly possible to have a 3.1 "upgraded" to a 3.2 certificate. I take care of this in collaboration with external inspection bodies (so-called NoBo's) such as: Lloyd's, TÜV and Element for the necessary additional tests. The results of the tests are provided to the customer in addition to the 3.1 certificate.

We also have flanges and fittings in stock which are already provided with a 3.2 certificate ex works (so with additional tests).

“What people sometimes underestimate is the importance
of certificates accompanying the materials we sell. "


For standards and specifications Nijhuis & Wigger has a subscription with NEN-Connect. This 'knowledge base' contains the standards we require digitally and we can always review and check specifications. NEN-Connect always has up-to-date information available.