Quality Control

Our quality control

Checks and performance measurements

According to our comprehensive approval plan, products are subject to both an entry control and exit control. Products are checked on certain points and subsequently released. The processing of products that show defects has been procedurally established to prevent either repetition or occurrence.

Our purchase team selects suppliers with care, which allows us to deliver high-quality products at competitive prices. In order to guarantee this high-quality standard, we continuously do performance measurements.



Nijhuis & Wigger facilitates additional inspections, material testing and checks for our customers. We closely collaborate with different inspection authorities and agencies, such as Elements, Lloyd’s and TÜV or any authority of your choice. These tests can be both destructive and non-destructive.

Our warehouse in Oldenzaal in the Netherlands offers excellent possibilities to arrange a proper setup of our products for inspection purposes. As a consequence, each customer or independent inspection authority is able to inspect the shipment and material certificates quickly and easily.