156 solar panels make Nijhuis & Wigger premises even more sustainable

Let the sun shine! At the beginning of January 156 solar panels were installed on our premises. In the context of sustainability, these panels have been placed on top of the roof alongside an already existing heat pump and LED lighting.

In the first week of January 2020, the Dutch company Schulte Energie & Techniek has been busy installing all the panels on our roof, making the building increasingly sustainable. During the building of our new premises in 2012, the building was already equipped with a heat pump with which we use geothermal heat to heat and cool all areas and LED lighting was also installed inside and outside. 156 solar panels have now been added with which we save on our energy consumption.

Optimal yield

The company Schulte took a good look at the location of our building and the position of the sun. The panels are therefore oriented both to the east and to the south, in order to obtain an optimum yield and therefore maximum efficiency from the panels.

“Quickly convinced of benefits”

“We are pleased with the installation of the 156 solar panels. We have already taken some EPC-decreasing measures during the construction of our new premises and we are making it more sustainable with the new solar panels! "We were quickly convinced of the benefits of this investment with which we are realizing an almost energy-neutral building. Sustainability is important for all of us and we believe it is important to give substance to this in this way”, said Frans Wigger, Managing Director.

Some pictures of the installed panels: