Nwff.eu is completely new

Nwff.eu is a completely new website. The look-and-feel of the old website has changed, the website also has a number of new functionalities. Thanks to a clear navigation structure and convenient search function, you will find all products from our product range within seconds.


On the new website, a distinction is made between flanges, fittings and pipes according to EN and ASME. This way you can easily navigate to the product you are looking for. The product pages are extended and contain information about materials and standards supplemented with clear product photos. In addition, the general search function has been improved.


In addition to the product portfolio, you also see immediately which additional services we offer to be able to serve you with the total package from request to delivery.

Experience and inspiration come from the new product photos and ambiance photos of our products and services. In addition, the website has an integration with social media channels and there is the possibility to subscribe for the newsletter. The new website is multilingual and suitable for all types of screens, including tablets and the latest mobile phones.

"Very user-friendly"

"We are happy with this new design. This website is now very user-friendly. Our product range is clear and comprehensive and the navigation structure helps the visitor to navigate through our website quickly", says Frans Wigger, Managing Director.

Further development

With this new website the phase of further development has arrived. The aim is to continually innovate the website in order to optimally serve customers and visitors.