Do you still stay with us after May 25th, 2018?

On May 17, we sent an important email in connection with the upcoming AVG legislation. In this we ask for your permission to receive future email (s).
After May 25, 2018 we are obliged to have your approval for sending future general and commercial e-mails.

Your approval is desired
Your approval is desirable because otherwise we will not be able to keep you informed of the latest developments, stock information, news, activities, fairs, etc. via this channel.

What are you missing?
Regularly we send the latest info in the field of piping, our (new) stock, industry news and just nice facts about Nijhuis & Wigger.

We can only continue to do so under the new AVG privacy regulations if you give us permission to continue with this. Of course, we carefully handle your data and you retain the possibility to withdraw your consent at any time.

You can sign up for receiving e-mails via this this sign up link.

More information
For more information about the AVG legislation per May 25, 2018, please visit the website of the Dutch Data Protection Authority.